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ewolfs.com's first online auction took place in the Spring of 1999 in Cleveland, Ohio. Since that time, the company has distinguished itself from other auction houses not only because of its original and exciting live auction software but because of the high quality "fresh to the market" merchandise offered at auction.

ewolfs.com has been responsible for the record sale of a James Butterworth marine painting ($187,000); for the sale of a previously unknown Jose Maria Velasco painting for $419,750; for the promotion of the contemporary art glass market - most notably the sale of William Morris' "Canopic Jar, Fallow Deer" for $150,650; for fine books such as Marcel Duchamps' "La Boite en Valise" ($55,200) and Hiroshige's "Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido Road" ($74,750) and for the sale of an important letter from the Amistad legal counsel. Many online auction records have been set by ewolfs.com.

After the original corporation dissolved, the assets of the former ewolfs.com eventually came under the management of Dan Zivko. Currently, Zivko also own Dargate Auction Galleries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Operating primarily in a Pittsburgh area warehouse, Zivko broadened the scope of the Dargate auctions by hosting them through eBay's Live Auctioneers program. While the catalogue may be viewed at the Dargate site (www.dargate.com), it is also available to millions of daily Ebay visitors. In-house live auctions are held concurrently.

The amalgamation of these two auction houses combines the ingenuity and excitement of the ewolf's live auction software with the tremendous exposure potential of the eBay site. Consigning with ewolfs.com or Dargate Auction Galleries provides the consignor with the opportunity to choose a venue best suited to the item. Registering with both auction houses affords the collector and art aficionado a vast array of fine objet and a thrilling auction experience. While both companies are currently in a re-building phase, the end product promises to capitalize on the past strengths of each. We invite you to join us for the next stage of our development.

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